Soti Tyrologou lives and works in Kavala, Greece. She got engaged in photography in 2011 through Kavala’s Photo Club and she followed several photography seminars and workshops with the photographers and visual artists Hellen Mouzakiti, Stratos Kalafatis and Lia Nalbandidou, focusing on the creation of photography project, narrating and visual story telling. In 2018 she participated in a workshop held by Lucy Art Residency, instructed by Thobias Fäldt, Klara Källström and Void, where a collective book was produced with the title “Straight Cut”. Her main focus of interest is the relationship between art and science, since both fields deal with the study of human and nature and explore our natural and social environment.

Books - Printed zines


  • 2018, Kavala Greece
  • Collective book
  • Edition of 12
  • Hardcover, 146 pages
  • Concept & design by Void
  • Conducted by Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt
  • Publication produced during the Lucy Art Residency workshop
  • Photographs by: Linn Phyllis Seeger, Stefania Orfanidou, Tasos Zoidis, Erik Gustafsson, Soti Tyrologou, Valentin Russo, Melina Daphne Papageorgiou, Arimasa Fukukawa, Alexandros Momtsos

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