“A form of consciousness that enables individuals to be aware of their personal past and future and to mentally travel in it”. (E.Tulving).

This photographic series attempts to depict personal autobiographical memory and centers on how retrieving and reconstructing personal events from the past relate to our capacity to imagine the future. Through a mental time travel, the photographer embarks on a journey of self-discovery and oscillates between a subjective present and a hypothetical past and future.

“Chronesthesia” is the result of a 6-month photography workshop instructed by the photographer Stratos Kalafatis, in collaboration with Kavala’s Photography Club.

΅When Smoke dissipates”:

This photography project was realized during a 5-day workshop held by Lucy Art Residency 2018 in Kavala, Greece, instructed by Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt and Void. It stems from a historical event, the fire of the suburban forest of Kavala, Greece in 1985.

Since wildfires are quite common during the summer months in Greece, often affecting urban areas and even human lives, this work tries to depict this serious problem from a different perspective. Pairing portraits and archive material, both historical and mythological elements are involved, creating a sense of timelessness and detachment.