This photographic series is part of the collective project “Art and Culture Vs Xenophobia” which addresses the phenomena of xenophobia and hate speech due to the lack of inclusion and tolerance for the other, with arts and culture as tools. In this collective project, 28 photographers participate and is being implemented by Artifactory and its partners, the Ås Art & Music School (Kulturskolen i Ås) (Municipality of Ås in Norway) and Baumstrasse- O dromos me dentra.  The works will be exhibited in Athens and Norway and they are curated by Kostas Ioannidis and Eleni Mouzakiti. The photographic work “through the eyes of the other”, explores diversity, culture and tradition through the element of dress, in a globalized society. It also discusses the notion of empathy, an important element in understanding the Other and promoting mutual understanding and solidarity.